What is Blend AISD?

Austin ISD uses a system called Teams or Parent Self-Service for official transcripts and attendance records. We will continue to rely on Teams for these key purposes. Each teacher is responsible for determining the grades that must be manually entered into Teams and included in the official student average.

Blend AISD is a digital platform, a tool that teachers can use to design blended learning lessons for students. Think of it as a well-organized backpack or work briefcase for a student that grows over time. It also allows students, parents and teachers to communicate and communicate about learning.

Collaboration Between Blend and AISD

Blend AISD has a report card that serves as an informal place to measure understanding. Not all Blend AISD grades are included, and some Blend AISD grades may not be included in official Teams student grades. As you learn how to use Blend AISD, remember that different campuses and different teachers are used in different ways.

Blend and AISD is a combination of online digital learning and face-to-face learning, designed to meet the needs of students. This allows students and teachers to choose, which ultimately leads to personalization. Not all training is recorded online, so some Blend scores may not reflect the full picture of what happened.

Blend AISD is Practices Tools for Grading

Teachers use a variety of methods to assess student understanding and make decisions about which grades count towards a student’s final grade during an assessment period or semester. These scores are manually entered into Teams as official scores, whether provided through Blend AISD as informal face-to-face meeting.

Blended Learning Concerns in Austin ISD

If you have any questions about your child’s grades, we recommend that you talk directly with your student’s teacher about how course grades work. In addition, if a student has questions about using Blend AISD in a mixed learning environment, he or she should contact the teacher. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how and why your students are learning and connecting with teachers.

Austin ISD defines blended learning as a learning experience that takes place:

  • at least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace;
  • at least in part face-to-face;
  • and along each student’s learning path, designed in a way that provides an integrated learning experience.

This type of learning combines the best practices and strategies of traditional thematic full-time learning with the intentional integration of voice and student choice. In a mixed learning environment, students continue to collaborate with their peers and receive immediate feedback from teachers.

Providing Single Access of Blend AISD

Blend AISD is a reliable and trustworthy online learning platform that allows students to participate in meaningful learning activities developed by teachers. Blend AISD promises to be a powerful repository for students by providing single access points to online learning tools.

We know that the biggest challenge for parents is privacy and security on the Internet, and Austin ISD takes privacy and security very seriously. Blend AISD is a closed environment that ensures the safety of students while studying online.

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