Parent Cloud AISD Guide

Currently only parent or guardian-named users in Teams can take care of parents themselves through the Parent Cloud. All other people (such as grandparents, aunts and uncles) will be able to access student data through the main cloud in the near future.

If you are a parent or guardian and cannot connect a student to the Parent Cloud account using the account creation screen, contact your child’s campus or call 512-414-9187 with parental technical support due parents or guardians who can access Teams via the AISD Parent Cloud.

About Parent Cloud AISD

Austin ISD provides cloud communities with access to applications, resources and relevant information. Austin ISD Cloud provides single access to your applications. This means that once you log in to the cloud, you no longer have to log in. Now all the applications related to your role will be open.

You can access the cloud both at home and in the region. Adapts to the device shown on the screen. You can register quickly using your tablet or phone. The URL to access the Austin ISD Cloud is the same for teachers, students and parents.

Parent Cloud AISD Login Terms

Log in to your main cloud If you don’t have a main cloud account, you can register online. Parent Cloud AISD is the main source of all services available to parents online. This site gives parents direct access to their child’s voting information, their child’s campus registration, district-level information, and links to other frequently used services.

The Parent Cloud is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device to all AISD families registered with Parent Connection.

Creating a Parent Cloud Account

This month, a parent cloud Internet portal was launched in the Austin Independent School area, linking the region’s educational resources to a website for parents to use. This site was created by the County Technology Department to serve as a great online resource for parents.

1. Open your internet browser and go to by the way Google Chrome is the best recommended browser ever.

2. Click “Click here to create your parent account

3. Read the user agreement. Check the “I agree to the above terms of usage” box then click “Next“.

4. Fill out the main cloud recording form. If you are currently a parent / guardian of a student studying at Austin ISD, select the Parent / Guardian dialog, enter your child’s information, and click “Next“.

Note: The information entered about the student must be consistent with the controlled information. If you link a child to your account and then register as a guardian / guardian for another child, that child will be automatically transferred to your account. If not all children are under parental supervision, contact Parental Support at 512-414-9187.

5. For security reasons, type text in the appropriate fields and click “Next“.

6. An email will be sent to the given email address. You must click on the email link to confirm your email address and activate your main cloud account.

7. Log-in with the username name and password you entered on the Parent Cloud Registration form. Click “Next“.

8. Wait a few minutes for your account to be created. When your account is ready, click on the link to login.

9. Log-in using your username and password.

10. To access Parent Self-Serve, click on the “Grades, Assignments, & Attendance (Parent Self-Serve)” icon on the Cloud desktop.

11. To access Online Registration, click on the “Student Registration” icon on the Cloud Desktop

In addition to student information like other accounts, schedules, and more, parents can usually get information about campus and surroundings. For example, parents can download class-wise curriculum information, view school lunch menus, analyze area populations using a shared dashboard, and more.

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