How Will Parents Access Blend AISD?

Austin ISD knows that access to technology is important for students and parents, especially during distance learning. Therefore, we created three ways that families can request devices or Wi-Fi hotspots for their students use the form in the parent cloud, using the paper forms, or call the student when they at school.

Parents will have their own Blend account allowing them to view their child’s progress through the Blend parent portal. In Blend, the parent plays the role of an observer. Observers have limited access to see what is happening on the courses and on the schedule.

About Blend AISD Access

Canvas Blend is a secure and reliable online learning platform that allows students to engage in meaningful learning activities designed by teachers. By providing a single point of access to online learning tools, Blend AISD promises to be a powerful learning archive for students.

Blend (Canvas) is a learning placement system that allows teachers to provide learning, programs, assignments and resources to all students in a secure network environment. Blend is the official online database for all K-12 students. Teachers use Blend to share important information, assignments and other digital resources in class.

Blend Like Management System for Parents

Blend AISD lets parents help students learn with homework, deadlines, contacting teachers, and more. Blend AISD based on a canvas learning management system and provides a secure entry point for mixed learning.

Note: as you walk the course, you will see a link to the Blend AISD as education management system used in all school districts and universities around the world.

The main cloud account allows observers to access their Blend’s children courses. What does it look like? The AISD Blend Parent Tour provides information and some promotional videos in English and Spanish.

Getting Started with BLEND for Parents

BLEND is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to support and amplify teaching, learning, and communication in Austin ISD (*BLEND is our district’s version of Canvas).

1. Accessing BLEND

To get started with BLEND, you must first set up a Parent Cloud Account at If you need help setting up your Parent Cloud Account, call Parent Tech Support at 512-414-9187.

2. Organizing Your BLEND Dashboard

When you log in to BLEND through the portal, you will be directed to dashboard view. We recommend customizing course names and color-coding, especially if you have multiple students:

3. Setting Your BLEND Notification Preferences

Click on Account (as pictured above). Next, click on Settings, and then Notifications. You’ll be able to select how often you receive notifications for each item type. Use the icons on the next page.

By clicking Account and Settings you can also add an additional email address or mobile # to receive notifications. You will need to manage the settings for each additional contact method you add from within Notification Preferences.

*Reminder: Parent Self-Serve is the gradebook of record. Use this tile in the Parent Cloud for overall course grade updates.

4. Understanding the Parent Mobile App

The Canvas (BLEND) Parent app is designed to provide a quick view of your child’s courses via your iOS or Android device. For a more complete course view, access BLEND via

5. Accessing All Courses View

Not seeing one of your child’s courses? Teachers are still learning to use BLEND, so not all courses are published. To see all of your child’s course enrollments, click on Courses in the blue navigation bar and scroll down to click on All Courses. You will see a list of all published/unpublished courses:

**Looking for more detailed parent-facing BLEND info? Access a video tour of BLEND by visiting or click on the BLEND Parent Tour tile in the Parent Cloud go to

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