AISD Student Portal Login Guide

In January 2011, Austin Independent School District (Austin ISD) with 85,000 students and 129 schools that planning and leading systemic social and emotional learning (SEL) has established Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL). During the first year of planning, Austin created an SEL team of district managers to conduct a district-wide needs assessment.

They also created an SEL advisory group of teachers, principals, child and youth development community representatives, and other stakeholders. During the design phase, an SEL department was created in the region to lead the work. The team started with two teams from 27 schools and decided to use the existing vertical team, based on the school feeder template, to manage the SEL deployment.

AISD Portal Login Page

About AISD Login Portals

There is no direct link to the AISD login gateway with step-by-step instructions on how to regain access to your account. However, actions are available for each of the three cases. Today I’ll try to explain here are the detailed instructions.

Likewise, AISD staff cloud, parent cloud, and student cloud are provided as web pages for teachers. In this guide, you will receive detailed instructions for all of the aforementioned inputs. We’ll also show you tips for troubleshooting login issues. We also include a few contacts that are generally helpful to the school so that we can contact you for other reasons.

AISD Login Procedure

The AISD cloud can be accessed by students for school applications, parents to validate their child’s work, and school staff to prepare resources. All three events must be able to access the same page. All you have to do is provide your credentials access.

The method is the same as when you enter a social media portal, only an email account is required to create a new AISD account as new user. the procedure is very easy to follow, I will explain the steps to enter the AISD portal in the discussion of this article, and please follow the explanation below.

Create an AISD Account for New User

If you are a new user on AISD and don’t have an account yet, then you are required to make it first by following the steps I will explain. But if you already have an AISD account, then you can skip this step, and follow the next step only.

1. The first thing that you should do is open your internet browser and go to AISD Page.

Austin ISD Home Page

2. and click “AISD Portal

AISD Portal Link

3. After that you will be faced to the Login Page, because you are a new user that does not have an account on the AISD Portal, you must create one first by clicking “create an account”.

Please Create an Account

4. For completing the application you must check “I agree to the above terms of usage” on User Agreement page, and click “Next”.

User Agreement Page

5. Next page fill all of your personal data in the form that’s available for completeness, and then click “Next”.

Please Complete The Form

6. After all complete data is filled in, the AISD Portal will send a link via email to verify the data that you have provided, immediately check the incoming email in your inbox, like the picture below.

Please Check Your Email Inbox to Get The Verified Link

Login to AISD Portal

If you already have an AISD account, you can go directly to this step without having to do point 1 to 6 “Create an AISD Account for New User” review above. You can directly login using the username and password that you created earlier.

AISD Login Page

If the login process has succeeded perfectly, next you will be taken to the AISD Portal account page that you have created, you can see your account name at the top right, like my account that says “Stella Morris Eleanor”.

AISD Account Page

You will freely enter any page you want to access, use the search bar to explore your AISD page, such as the “Blend” page that I want to access as shown below.

Explore AISD Page

That’s my explanation about AISD Student Portal Login Guide, if you follow the steps that I have explained it will so easy to login into AISD portal, and let me know if you have any problems regarding Austin Independent School District (Austin ISD) by sending an email to me or write in the comments column, and hope you enjoy it!

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