AISD SSS (Student Self Serve) Teams

Student Self Serve (SSS) is a new AISD portal that allows students to plan out the courses in their academic programs, register for classes, request transcripts, check grades and many more functions

The system provides access to attendance and grades for all students. Students will use their district-issued user id and password to access SSS. All students who are currently enrolled in AISD are automatically setup for an SSS account.

The AISD portal allows families to view student schedules, attendance, and grades. Families can also send emails to teachers and set up alerts when students want to receive an email when a student is flagged as missing or missed assignments.

About AISD Student Self Serve Teams

Families can choose how to receive messages from school districts or campuses through SchoolMessenger and from teacher gradebooks through self-service. Students can use the AISD Self Serve Team to provide information on grades, assignments, attendance, and online registration.

Access requires responsible behavior when viewing student information. Students are responsible for the correct use of their accounts. The school district may monitor, suspend, or revoke access for violations of the rules. Whoever has an account is always responsible for using it correctly.

AISD Student Self Serve Teams Activities

Inappropriate behavior of AISD Student Self Serve Teams includes: using someone else’s account, accessing the records of others, obtaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to information or resources with limited access, sharing passwords with others (including children) or engaging in illegal activities (including violation of privacy laws data).

Students must agree to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy before being granted access and aspirations of individual students. After the introductory section. AISD Student Self Serve Teams general requirements, grades, academic placement and student classification, program The study provides a brief description of the background and content of the courses offered by the university.

AISD Student Self Serve Teams Gives Students Flexibility

Student Self Serve give a modern and powerful online tool that allows AISD students to complete most of the basic college tasks in one place, such as registering for classes, viewing grades or course catalogs, applying for graduation, looking for financial aid data, and more. It’s easy to use and designed specifically for mobile devices.

So it’s easier than ever to manage your personal profile and access the information you need from your computer at home or on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

  • View and make payments online and download tax statements
  • Access and submit Financial Aid records and forms, view awards, and request new loans
  • See their progress in their current programs and plan out future terms
  • View current degree requirements or view degree requirements for any program you are interested in
  • View grades and GPA records by term
  • Search the catalog, register for courses, and view your class schedule
  • Request official transcripts or view unofficial transcripts, or apply for graduation
  • View current profile information records and edit emergency contacts

By the way AISD Student Self Serve Teams will show the data in your personal student record such as your name, date of birth, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

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