AISD School Supply List 2021-2022

Many schools carefully plan their personal school plans for the fall of 2021 (masked!) Unlike last year, backpacks and food boxes (and lots of hand cleaners!) Will soon become an integral part of your child’s school supplies.

Whether you’re studying at home or studying this fall, it’s still important to make sure every student is properly prepared for a successful school year. This partial list provides a list of the most important school supplies for each class from elementary school to college.

About School Supply list

School Supply means items commonly used by a student in a course of study. “School supplies” includes only the following items: binders; book bags; calculators; cellophane tape; blackboard chalk; compasses; composition books; crayons; erasers; folders, expandable, pocket, plastic, and manila; glue, paste, and paste sticks; highlighters; index cards; index card boxes; legal pads; lunch boxes; markers; notebooks; paper,

Every school has a different school supply list according to needed. And every year the school makes a different policy about it.

Kindergarten Supply List

Large backpack1
Packages of fat markers3
Package 24 crayons1
Package Ticonderoga pencils1
Pocket folders2
Glue sticks6
Small snack each day1
Adult sized T-shirt to be used as a smock1
Water bottle1
Box of tissues1
Pencil box1
Change of clothes in gallon sized ziplock1

Elementary School Supply list

Pencil pouch$ 12
No. 2 pencils$ 4
Pencil sharpener$ 9
Highlighters$ 5
Washable markers$ 4
Erasers$ 6 for 12
Personal organizer/ planner$ 6
Three-ring binder$ 18 for 4

Middle School Supply List

Package loose leaf paper1
Packages #2 pencils4
Large boxes of tissues (collected in science)
Package of colored pencils
Large clear pencil pouch with holes
Calculator (MUST BE TI-30XIIS)1
Package blue/black pens1
Ruler with centimeters and inchess1

High School Supply List

Colored Pencils1
Pencil Sharpener.1
Pens: Red, Blue, Black.1
12 inch Ruler1
TI Calculator1
Pocket Folders1
Ring Binder3

Get Your Back to School for School Supplies

In order to be prepared for the school year, all students will need the following supplies. On the first day of classes each teacher will provide a syllabus with specific class needs. Get your back to school shopping for school supplies wrapped up in minutes and never leave your house.

This is not adorned with cute fonts and clipart! I love those too, but this one is just an all-business price comparison list for school supplies.

I am currently updating a school supplies price list that will include what I consider a decent deal on the most common school supplies. How this can help you: You’ll get an idea of what is really a sale and what’s just being advertised as a “sale.” Feel free to use it while you shop.

Tips: Plan ahead for stocking stuffers. Markers, crayons, paper, etc. are terrific little gifts for little kids! Buy extras now while they are on sale and keep them hidden away for the holidays.

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