AISD School Closing List

Austin Independent School District (AISD) announced the closure of 12 schools in the region last fall, it eventually closed only four. AISD are reviewing their schedules on Monday, Jan. 11, after creating unfavorable conditions on Sunday due to winter weather.

The Texas Department of Education closes on a snowy day, but KXAN has made it clear that any school district that does not offer remote options to students must return after school hours, and 100% distance learning schools like AISD in Texas do not have to meet the day.

The Reason of Temporarily Closed

At City Hall on Saturday, Austin Independent School District officials announced changes to the top floor to close the school in the county. The second draft, released Friday, suggests that four primary schools – Sims, Metz, Pisa and Brooke – will continue to be closed for the next two years.

But the district is giving more time to think about closing the remaining eight schools on the original list.

Gilbert Hicks, assistant principal of the elementary school, told community members that the reason for being on the four-off list is that the county changes “in the first year” and “it will not incur additional costs”.

Students Connection After School Closing

The district says they want to connect students from the closed school to the renovated building. Many of the updates proposed in the initial version of the district’s school closure plan could only happen if voters approve another name.

The school district said Saturday it wants to talk more with families and staff about Brooke’s proposed school closure because Brooke’s students will split into schools instead of moving to the same new school. Authorities said schools could be dropped from the list.

AISD staff said they wanted to talk to the Peace family to find a school that would accommodate all students so that the community could live. The district will hold a public meeting before a possible vote by the education council on the November 18 plan.

List of AISD Closing Delay

  • Del Valle ISD — Tuesday is a regular on-site work day for all staff. Students with technology at home have the option to remain remote on Tuesday.
  • Rockdale ISD — classes will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 12, with a two-hour delay. Buses will run two hours later than normal on Tuesday.
  • Austin ISD — all classes will be 100% remote on Monday. No students will report to campus and buses will not run to transport students. Wi-Fi service will be offered on a one-hour delay from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Austin International School — Closed on Monday
  • Bastrop ISD — two-hour delayed start for Monday. Buses will run two hours later than normal. Families and staff will be notified of additional changes on the Bastrop ISD website, mobile app, and social media.
  • Blanco ISD — School delayed to 10 a.m. Monday. All buses will run 2 hours later than normal.
  • Burnet ISD — Classes are canceled Monday.
  • Cedars International Academy — Campus closed on Monday.
  • Coupland ISD — No school on Monday, according to a Facebook post from the district.
  • Del Valle ISD — DVISD schools and offices will be closed Monday for on-campus, remote learning and afterschool activities, according to a district release.
  • Dripping Springs ISD — Dripping Springs schools will operate on a two-hour delay Monday, due to weather conditions. Schools’ starting times and bus pick-up times will be two hours later than on a normal day. This delay also applies to the DSISD Child Development Center. District offices that typically open at 8 a.m. will open by 10 a.m.
  • Eanes ISD — All schools, offices and child development centers will be closed Monday due to “anticipated dangerous road conditions and power outages affecting campuses and buildings throughout the district,” the district says in a release. The closure includes in-person and remote learning. Staff should not report. Auxiliary staff will receive additional information from their supervisors.
  • Elgin ISD — District closed for Monday.
  • Fayetteville ISD — Will operate on a two-hour delay on Monday, according to Superintendent Jeff Harvey.
  • First Baptist Christian School-Marble Falls — Two-hour delayed start.
  • Florence ISD — All schools will be closed on Monday due to bad weather
  • Georgetown ISD — Classes in Georgetown ISD will be canceled on Monday. Freezing temperatures throughout the night and early morning, will make it unsafe to transport students, the district wrote in its announcement.
  • Giddings ISD — Start of school delayed by two hours on Monday. The district wrote in its post — “should it become necessary to cancel classes for Monday, the announcement will be made no later than 7 a.m.
  • Granger ISD — Granger ISD will have a full closure on Monday. No virtual classes, according to a Facebook post from the district.
  • Hays CISD — Hays CISD classes are canceled and offices are closed Monday. Virtual learning has also been canceled.
  • Hutto ISD — Hutto ISD will be closed Monday, due to expected hazardous road conditions. All activities are also canceled.
  • IDEA Austin — All classes will be held virtually on Monday. Campuses will resume normal operations on Tuesday.
  • Johnson City ISD — Monday classes have been canceled.
  • Jubilee-Wells Branch — Monday classes have been canceled
  • KIPP-Texas-Austin — Building will be closed. Students should participate in virtual learning on Monday.
  • Lago Vista ISD — Classes for all students (in person and remote) have been canceled for Monday, January 11. Campuses and offices will also be closed. Some extracurricular programs may resume in the afternoon as conditions clear.
  • Lake Travis ISD — All classes, in-person and remote, districtwide have been canceled Monday for all staff and students.
  • Leander ISD — All virtual and in-person classes for Monday have been canceled due to inclement weather conditions. All schools and offices will be closed.
  • Lexington ISD — All school activities have been canceled for Monday, Jan. 11. Superintendent Dr. Tonya Knowlton wrote: “No remote learning, no staff reporting, just canceled!”
  • Liberty Hill ISD — Schools will be closed on Monday, Jan. 11 in the “best interest and safety of students and staff.”
  • Lockhart ISD — Two-hour delayed start for on-campus and distance learning. All staff should report to work two hours later than normal time. If your student rides the bus, pick-up times will be two hours later than the usual pick up time
  • Luling ISD — Two-hour delayed start.
  • Manor ISD — All campuses and offices in Manor Independent School District are closed Monday, due to a Winter Storm Warning issued for Travis County. There will be no virtual instruction.
  • Marble Falls ISD — Two-hour delayed start. All bus routes, school start times, and other schedules will occur two hours later than normally scheduled. All before school activities and practices are canceled
  • Pflugerville ISD — Pflugerville ISD will be closed and all PfISD activities are canceled for Monday, Jan. 11, due to possible hazardous road conditions in the district. Superintendent Dr. Douglas Killian wrote that “with freezing temperatures expected during the morning commute, we do not want to put cars or buses on the road in these conditions.”
  • Regents School of Austin — Classes are canceled for Monday, Jan. 11
  • Rockdale ISD — All Rockdale ISD schools will be closed on Monday, due to weather.
  • Round Rock ISD — Round Rock ISD offices and schools are closed on Monday. After-school programs and activities are also canceled.
  • San Marcos CISD — They plan to hold classes as normal.
  • Smithville ISD — two-hour delay for all campuses.
  • St. Gabriel’s School — Closed on Monday.
  • Taylor ISD — Taylor ISD will be closed on Monday, due to inclement weather.
  • Thrall ISD — Virtual learning on Monday. Students and teachers should not report in-person to campus. In-person school resumes on Tuesday.
  • Waterloo School — 90-minute delayed start
  • Wimberley ISD — Two-hour delayed start on Monday, Jan. 11, due to weather conditions. Start times and bus pick-up times will be two hours later than on a normal day.

Students Transfer from The Closed School

When the school closes due to bad weather, an emergency alert is sent through the media system. E-mails, phone calls and text messages are sent to parents / guardians. Parents and guardians are automatically configured to receive these notifications through the student information system. For this reason, it is important to notify your child’s school if contact information changes during the year.

Austin Independent School District (AISD) said he wanted to transfer students from the closed school to the new school. Not only new, but also the best. The closure plan developed by the Austin Independent School District (AISD) could be implemented if voters show a different relationship.

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