AISD Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to enhance the artistic experience of all ISD Austin students and staff. The PAC has a 1200-seat auditorium, a 250-seat black box theater, a dance studio, a multi-purpose hall, a drying room and a private recording studio.

PAC construction was approved under the Bond Program 2008. The building was designed by Pflugar Architects and Miro Rivera Architects under the direction of the Austin Department of Building Management and Art. The performance play based on BAI’s and Schuler Shook as theatre consultant.

Main Hall

The main hall of the Performing Arts Complex is the main hall for 1,200 seats. The main hall is equipped with a modern acoustic and audiovisual system, permanently located next to the stage with two curtains for traffic lights. You can use Wenger Diva Shell for live performances.

The latest lighting system with its own selection platform allows you to use different lighting options to meet the needs of each type of performance. The stage area is about 5,200 square meters, providing ample space on the wings and outside the stage, even with all the soft objects. There are men’s and women’s locker rooms near the stage.

Black Box Theatre

Located north of the Center for the Performing Arts, the 250-seat Black Box Theater is an attractive venue for all artists and performers, including poets, musicians and dancers. Designed for users, this versatile movie is completely black and allows you to use a variety of traditional themed three-quarter or round seat configurations depending on production needs.

The walls are covered with black acoustic panels. Stage grills are also scattered around the ceiling to illuminate the movie, adjust and maintain the ceiling. Since lighting and sound booths can be used as classrooms to teach lighting and sound design, the theater is also used for educational purposes.

Dance Studio

Located southeast of the Performing Arts Center, the 4,200-square-meter dance studio is actually a rehearsal room with full mirrors and three walls. The curtains are hung at full length to hide the mirrors and literally hold the breath of the room. There is a list of theatrical lighting fixtures with light panels based on requests for more intimate performances.

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose room provide an area of ​​2,500 square meters for events, with ample space for small and medium-sized meetings. It can be used as a warm-up room for ensemble performances, a reading room for UIL competitions or a more intimate concert venue. A stove was added for the craftsmen in the versatile house. Integrated audiovisual technology provides lectures, seminars, presentations and professional development in this field.


In the center of the Performing Arts Center is a richly furnished lobby that serves as a lively gathering place for guests attending the show and is ideally a place for special occasions before and after the event. The Steinway Grand Pianos are located on the porch in the lobby and showcase the work of students and faculty.

Plaza Stage

Located between the car park and the Seoul Art Center, the Plaza Stage is a comfortable outdoor space designed for casual performances by small groups with minimal technical requirements. Natural area and courtyard – suitable place before and after bed in a quiet and open environment.

Recording Studio (coming soon)

There is a separate recording studio between the versatile hall and the office building where students can prepare to listen and gain experience in recording techniques. The recording and observation rooms are specifically designed for optimal acoustic performance.

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