AISD Pay Schedule 2021 – 2022 (Pay Scale)

Austin Independent School District (AISD) Pay Schedule includes a number of compensation and benefit programs and assistance programs approved by the board. The range of pay is determined by the market rate of the reference position. To ensure the competitive range of the market, the Compensation Division conducts market research to provide information on current salary levels for comparative positions.

The salary group in AISD includes technology, administrative professional, administrative support, educational aides, teacher, librarians, and auxiliary. Employees are paid depending on the salary range for each position.

Pay scale are used to group positions that have approximately the same relative internal value based on compensatory factors (job descriptions, market data, internal equity, district consistency, and administrative input are all considered when performing job evaluations).

About AISD Pay System

Pay arrangements have been made to attract and retain qualified workers to achieve the goals of the region. AISD Human Resources Department is responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the pay management system in accordance with the policies, laws and regulations of the Board.

All job in the district are divided into pay levels which determine by minimum and maximum salary range for every position. Occupations are classified according to pay level based on the following factors:

  • Job qualifications and required skills
  • Job duties and responsibilities defined by the district
  • Competitive job market prices

AISD Pay Schedule Calendar in 2021 -2022

Whenever an employee is paid, the Employee Service Center should review the online payroll so that the payment is correct. It is important to make sure that all the information on the payment slip is correct. View items such as name, social security number, interest, paid leave, and other information.

The General Pay Increase is reflected on the first paycheck of the school year for each pay group. Employees will be able to view their 2021-22 pay rates in the Employee Self Service function of TEAMS 1-2 weeks prior to their first paycheck of the school year.

AISD Pay Scale Adjustment

The pay scale for teachers and librarians includes general salary increase and target adjustment for 2021-22. The table above shows the minimum base salary of AISD teachers for the academic year where the loan was given.

  • Short-term Substitute Teaching Jobs (1-10 days)
Degreed Substitutes$110/day
Degreed and Certified$125/day
Non-Degreed Substitutes$100/day
  • Long-term Substitute Teaching Jobs (11 or more consecutive days on any combination of assignments)
Degreed Substitutes$125/day
Non-Degreed Substitutes$110/day
  • Long-term Degreed Professional Substitute Teaching Jobs (21 or more consecutive days on same assignment)*
Degreed and Certified in Subject Area$165/day (starting on day 1 of

Note: *Assignments must be requested by principal and approved by HR in advance

This amount does not include salary and extra work (if any). These do not guarantee current prices and future returns. Teachers and librarians salary Schedule is reviewed and updated annually. New job offers are based on comparative market experience and competitive pay.

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