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According to the latest ranking, the Austin Independent School District (AISD) ranks ninth as the best school districts in Texas. AISD ranks 201st on the list of best in the United States. The individual campuses also rates by, and AISD ranks 137th as the best district schools in Texas between 1,724 campuses.

Nationally, AISD is the top of 5% on public district schools on 18,841 campuses. AISD have entered on the top 50 best schools in Texas, and the other rankings for AISD include:

  • Districts with the Best Teachers in Texas – 19th out of 1,034
  • Best Places to Teach in Texas – 34th out of 1,015
  • Best School Districts in Dallas-Fort Worth Area – 7th out of 87
  • Districts with the Best Teachers in Collin County – 2nd out of 14

About AISD Human Resources

AISD is an equal opportunity employer and has the following policies: there is no difference between all employees and applicants. Training, promotion, translation, benefits and allowances, discipline, dismissal, etc.

Regardless of gender such as skin color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, genetic information, state of war or other reasons prohibited by law. The chief executive in charge of Human Resources coordinates.

Compensation, Benefits, and Culture

The goal of AISD Human Resources is to provide exemplary support for our domestic staff and foreign clients, and ultimately an excellent learning for our students. Human resources are divided into four activities:


Your benefits with AISD are effective the 1st of the month following your hire date or your life event/qualifying event date. Benefit changes can only be made if you experience a valid qualifying event, such as adopting a child or getting married, ad changes must be made within 31 days of the event.

Staff NameFieldPhone NumberE-Mail
Otti ArmantBenefits Specialist(682)
Linda ScottFBS Client Representative(682)


The function of the Compensation Department is to direct the strategic planning, design, implementation, administration, and communication of all District compensation programs, ensuring the programs are aligned with the District’s strategy and organizational culture.

Staff NameFieldPhone NumberE-Mail
Jola KhanDirector(682)


We understand that employees need to take extended periods of time off for medical reasons. That’s why AISD offers different leaves of absence to help employees deal with situations which require extended periods of time off from work.

Staff NameFieldPhone NumberE-Mail
Patrice WhitesideLeaves and Retirement Specialist(682)
Kallie GutierrezLeaves and Retirement Specialist(682)


The process of retirement from TRS, after many years of dedicated employment to the district, is potentially a very stressful event if an employee does not have the proper understanding of the paperwork and options that are available.

Staff NameFieldPhone NumberE-Mail
Patrice WhitesideLeaves and Retirement Specialist(682)
Kallie GutierrezLeaves and Retirement Specialist(682)


Employee wellbeing done right. Let anyone in your organization have the power to create balance in life, on and off work.

Staff NameFieldPhone NumberE-Mail
Otti ArmantBenefits Specialist(682)

Customer Service

The Human Resources Customer Service group is responsible for new hire orientations and the processing of new hire paperwork. They also provide first level employee support for policy and procedure questions, verification of employment, loan forgiveness forms, certification documents, employee contracts, contractor background checks, and service record requests.

For more information you can contact: (404) 382-5400 (option 2) Toll-free: (866) 312-UCON (option 2)

AISD is committed to providing equitable and exceptional experiences for our customers: our students, our families, our colleagues, and our community members. For us, customer service is more than just providing answers or offering support; customer service is what makes our large district feel like a family. AISD CARES strives to build transformational relationships that lead to an authentic sense of trust and belonging within our entire AISD community.

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