AISD Health Screening App

Austin ISD is excited to announce the launch of our mobile app—a new way to stay connected. This app will allow all AISD students, staff and families to receive notifications from the districts and campuses they wish to subscribe to.

Other useful tools include health self-checks that users must complete before coming into contact with other people or before leaving home for work or school.

Director of Management Information Systems Brenda Richmond is a co-leader of Austin ISD leading the application development.

About Austin ISD Mobile App

This app is designed to provide the technology we need for our families, students and staff that will make navigation easier throughout the school year.

Soon more powerful parameters will appear, such as grades, quick access to assignments, and the ability to communicate with family teachers. A new student enrollment feature will appear in the app in January.

This app gives you quick access such as:

AISD Health Resources Counselors

One of the conveniences offered by this application is health screening same like offer small group consultations and short-term individual consultations. They also conduct mental health surveys and help students solve a variety of problems, from everyday stress to mental health crises.

All ISD Austin campuses have at least one advisor position to assist students. It can be used throughout the district to support students and families facing challenges that prevent them from excelling in academic or interpersonal relationships and other challenging needs.

This app can provide AISD students with face-to-face or distance treatment. They accept insurance and anyone who is not insured or underinsured can get financial assistance. Provides information on crisis support lines, mental health emergency services, and mental health services for adults and children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created a parenting kit covering the social, emotional, and mental well-being of children and adolescents aged 0-24.

Helpful Tips for Screening Your Health

Mental health is different for everyone, and there is no one size fits all solution. However, research shows that there are simple methods that can benefit you and your child.

1. Do yourself a favor

Accept that this may not be the most productive time of your life. As long as all you do during this time is just make sure that your family can get through each day, everyone is safe and healthy, and their basic needs are met.

2. Strive for daily life and structure

In these turbulent times, some families find it helpful to follow a daily routine. Make a schedule that includes study, breaks, lunch and play times.

3. Speak with Your Child

Take time to talk about your child’s health and let your child know that you are angry and safe, secure and supported.

4. Take care about your health

Even if it’s difficult, focus on the basics like getting enough sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and doing a little exercise every day.

5. Please spend your time outside for happy

Spend time outdoors every day if possible. Fresh air, nature and sunshine will make you feel good, and being outdoors can change the landscape that everyone needs.

Find the free Austin ISD Health Screening Mobile App for Android on Play Store and Austin ISD Health Screening Mobile App for iOS on App Store for your mobile device by searching for Austin ISD, adn for inquiries about new applications, call 512–414–9187.

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