AISD Grades Self Serve

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) has something called self-service. If this is a term you may be new to, it refers to something like a student portal where students and their parents or guardians can access information about their students, including grades (current progress report and 6-week report cards), learning schedule, class attendance, and education notifications.

Students and their parents or guardians don’t need go to campus for request the assessment information, they can simply sit in comfort of their home. All information displayed on the student self-service portal is displayed in real time. This means that teachers or administrators can access and view information as soon as it is entered into the system.

About AISD Grades Self Serve

Grades Self Serve are offered by AISD to students and their parents or guardians to explain why there is a separation between student self-care and parental self-care. All Austin Independent School District have access to grade information through student self-service.

This system gives you access to your child’s attendance and grades. If you have multiple children registered with AISD, you only need to register once to access them. The system gives access to all students grades that frequently asked and currently, all students enrolled in AISD are automatically set up in Grades Self Serve.

Registering Grades Self Serve on AISD

Now! Your child’s assessment, attendance plans and classes are available in real time. This means that you can access the Grades Self Serve system once the teacher or administrator has entered the information.

1. You must first log in to AISD Cloud from You can use any browser, but if you want more, Google Chrome is preferred.

2. Then click on the box labeled “Student Self-Service“.

3. You’ll be taken to the “Frontline Education” login screen, then use your AISD Cloud login information to access the platform.

4. To check your Grades, simply click the “Report Cards” tab.

5. To find assignments related to your Grades, all you have to do is click on the “Grade Value”, and all of assignments related to grades are included in the new “Assignments” tab.

6. If you want to see additional assignments, you can easily do so by clicking a second time on the “Report Cards” tab and choosing a different grade.

Benefits of Using AISD Grades Self Serve

As secure online portal where parents and guardians can view their child’s education information, AISD Grades Self Serve change contact information, create notifications about their child’s progress, and many more benefits such as:

  • Absences and tardies by date and period and year-to-date summary
  • Progress report and report card grades by course and grading period
  • Assignment grades by course and grading period
  • Summary of high school credits earned

Access to AISD Grades Self Serve

Parents or guardians of Austin Independent School District or AISD students are said to have equal access to student grades. Students can use student self-service, but there is so-called parent self-study for parents or guardians.

If you follow all the steps correctly, you should have easy access to information about the student’s learning level. If you have any questions, please contact us at 512-414-1700. If you are a parent or guardian who does not have an account, you must first create an account by following instructions above.

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