AISD Education Celebration

Education Celebration is not just an exhibition of students ’work, a feast at the end of the year. Activities allow students to think and express why they are learning, how they are learning, answering questions, doing research, strengths and challenges. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge.

AISD Education Celebration focuses on high quality products and performances that reflect students ’learning content and skills. Products are usually made under the guidance of professional models and according to realistic forms created for visitors outside the classroom.

About AISD Education Celebration

AISD Education Celebration is a special party where AISD family and friends benefit from Independent School District in Texas on Friday, September 17th under the six flags of Texas! If you’re saving money for Independent School District, enjoy a roller coaster and thrilling night trip on a short trip for just $25.

If you order through the website only $5 for ticket that you can purchase and go ahead to your favorite Independent School District, get the tickets before they run out.

AISD Education Celebration Details

Students prepare for the school holidays by creating quality work and working on various projects. The opinions of teachers, professionals and colleagues encourage students to adhere to strict standards and make changes. It’s clear why AISD Education Celebration is so important to our students, and we have high expectations for it

  • Date: September 17
  • Time: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Cost: $25.00
  • Event Category: Fundraisers
  • Event Tags: AISD nonprofit news, City of Texas, DFW nonprofit news
  • Organizer: AISD Education Foundation
  • Phone: 6828679069, 817-640-8900
  • Venue: Six Flags Over 2201 East Road Texas 76010
  • Website:

Conversely, if students research local areas that were part of the battle to create professional brochures or explanatory notes, but see military work and talk to people, society will have a real audience and reason.

Event Supporters and Sponsorships

AISD Foundation proudly collaborate with Student-Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) to support AISD Education Celebration performance. Through sponsorships, you can join your organization, support the school on wheels, and connect with nonprofit organizations that help change the lives of orphans and families in Texas.

This special event introduces the organization to 40,000 participants and includes a fundraising auction including a cocktail party, dinner, guest speakers and a package. During the celebration performance, teachers in your local school district will inform you about the increasingly attractive employment opportunities and salary packages that many local school district new employees offer.

The Benefit of Attending AISD Celebration

It’s not easy to find a new generation of highly qualified teachers. They are very talented and the students are committed to excellence and want to share their passion for learning. AISD staff will also inform you about the financial aid options available to students. It will be a great opportunity to talk to local school teachers, mentors and administrators, other students, and staff.

Through the support and encouragement of our talented staff, mentors, teachers and administrators, we can help these students develop a love of learning with a love of learning and a productive learning life. To this end, we are glad that Education Day can play an important role in encouraging and supporting future generations of educators moving towards a brighter and more diverse future.

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