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Starting in this school year, all of the student parents in Austin Independent School District (AISD) will be able to follow their children back on the bus. AISD wires the Bus tracks more than 500 buses carrying about 2,000,000 students on 100 bus lines every day. The app uses GPS data to predict when it will arrive, so parents can plan accordingly.

The app also helps bus attendants whose parents often call when the bus is late. For security reasons, this application is only approved for users of first-class cloud accounts in the AISD Information Systems and Technologies department.

About AISD App Tracker (WheresTheBus)

WheresTheBus is currently available for iPhone and Android, but will not be available until Monday when AISD School will begin. More information about the WheresTheBus program can be found on the AISD website.

WheresTheBus only serves the school transport industry K-12 and has been operating since its inception in 2012. It was founded by industry leaders who introduced the first GPS tire monitoring, childcare application and route planning system for students in the transportation sector.

WheresTheBus offers industry-leading GPS, integrated technology and integration. The company’s program is a unique combination that is the most powerful and easy to use, with customers knowing and paying attention and waiting for their needs on a per-click basis. The results are immediately visible. With just a few clicks, senders, delivery staff and managers can get instant feedback.

The benefit of App Tracker (WheresTheBus)

WheresTheBus is a useful school bus tracking system that solves problems without creating new ones. Cloud solutions eliminate the need to install and maintain software and maps. Transport workers can solve problems quickly and efficiently using real data, reports and statistical analysis. The transportation department can measure and monitor safety, efficiency and customer service, which are important for operations.

  • Arrival Status: Estimated time of arrival (ETA) is displayed when bus arrival time can be predicted. When a prediction is unavailable (“no eta”), use the bus location and distance from your stop.
  • Last Message: “Current” is displayed when bus data has been received in the last minute. If updates are not received, the bus is likely stopped at a school or layover or inactive (no messages in the last 15 minutes).
  • Your House: Represented by home icon.
  • Your School: Represented by school icon.
  • Your Bus Stop: represented by stop sign icon.
  • 10-minute Marker: Location when the bus is 10 minutes away.
  • Bus Location & Distance: Represented by bus icon and distance.
  • Bus #: Click on the bus number to switch between buses, if multiple.
  • Substitute buses: If bus 1400 were subbing for bus 1423, for example, it would be displayed as 1423(1400)

Student parents know exactly when the bus will stop. The latest ETA reduces stress in the morning and afternoon when you don’t know when the bus will arrive. When a school district tracks passengers with student tickets, parents can be notified immediately while the student is on the bus. Instant access from an Apple or Android application or any online device (smartphone, tablet, PC, iPod, etc.)

App Tracker (WheresTheBus) Products

WheresTheBus provides several features such as geographical location and real-time data are our foundation and passion. When traffic, schools and homes enter the cloud in real time, information and phone calls are turned off and people can make more informed and effective decisions.

You always know where all the buses are in real time. All questions, as well as parent or school questions, can be answered and solved in just a few clicks. Desktop and mobile bus software is the most powerful and intuitive software in the industry. Our biggest compliment comes when our customers say “everyone can enjoy them” after our first lesson or demonstration.

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